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Dream of The Woo

At this day retreat, attendees can anticipate a mindful gathering of open-minded people: 

We're a safe and nurturing community with a focus on Animism, Shamanism, Reiki, and all practices of spiritual openness and wisdom.

We honor all those who have come before us on this land The Ohlone, Confederated Villages of Lisjan, Muwekma and Miwok peoples and the native people of Canyon.

Embracing the mysticism, we embody and though briefly... 'come home' to this event.

Maestra Annie


Annie Blackstone is the matriarch who incubated and manifested the concept of the retreat- she cultivated the community and the space we celebrate in.

With her genuine compassion for each individual that attends WWITR, Annie ushers the flow of our event into the Equinox.

"Woo Woo began as dream a long time ago, of bringing all my Woo Woo (spiritual, intuitive, shamanic, Reiki, animistic) friends, students and clients into the redwood grove beside the gentle creek in the green little Canyon set between the city and suburbs, that  I have lived for 25 years, so that we might have a day talking, sharing and experiencing all the Woo Woo stuff we love.

In 2021, I took the leap and rented Canyon school and put the word out that a gathering was happening.

The response was immediate and heartwarming.

As soon as the Woo came to fruition, it began to make other peoples' dreams come true too. Renata, my co-creatrix, dreamed of bringing youth into just such a spirited environment, and many others who had wisdom and skills to share stepped forward offering to donate their time and energy to birth this beautiful community.

Our goal is to create (even for just one day) the community many of us dream of living in. One that includes people of all ages, abilities, BIPOC people, LGBTQIA people, Tree People, Rock People, Mother Earth, Father Sky and honoring all the ancestors. All who would not shy away from being called "Woo Woo” are welcome and needed in our community and the world. 

 So welcome dear friends to the dream of the WooWoo in the Redwoods retreat, a community of lovely beings, creators of the world we are dreaming of."

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