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Autumn '23 Schedule

October 1st, 2023

Plan Accordingly OR Ride The Wave!



Please arrive on time


ADULT Workshops: #1


    Qigong in Harmony with Nature: Embracing

    Autumn | Elise & Kaleo Ching

  • Explore a Past Life |

    Holly Holmes Meredith
  • Shamanic Journeying | Corey Rothermel

  • Make your own Cosmic Collage! Big Dreams, Big Fun, Just a Little Glue! | Carrie Love

  • Tree Yoga & Sound Communion | 

    Josa Goodlife
  • Chakra, Clearing, & Balancing | Geoff Mires


YOUTH Playshop: #1

Tea Ceremony Circle, Nature's Mandala, & Medicine Shield Making | Mama Renata



Bring your own lunch/snacks/water and cash for all the amazing merchants at the marketplace this season.

We'll have a share table; if you bring food to share, feel free to add to it if you like. (There's no place in Canyon to buy food or drinks).

***1:15pm please gather at the Altar for a group photo***


ADULT Workshops: #2

  • Oracle Council | Maharani Peace

  • Aligning Your Spirit to Attract What You Want | 

    Michelle Walters
  • Martial Arts & Sacred Alignment: Thought, Bones &

    Energy | Cinthia Varkevisser
  • Ancestral Wayfinding | Inabel Uytiepo

  • Plant Medicine | Marty & Dean

  • Soulful Trust Yoga Circle | Nicole Navarro


YOUTH Playshop: #2

Mindful Yoga, Drumming & FUN! | Natalia & Karina | Dylan & Samantha

3-4:30 PM

ADULT Workshops: #3

  • The Earth Tones of Autumn | Carmela Obscura

  • Hypnotic Psychedelia | Désirée Eckert

  • Reclaiming Your Power & Aligning with Your Truth 

    by Alchemizing Fear Into Love | Sophia Fitch
  • Grief Transmutation through Munay, Mindfulness & Ceremony Magic | Renata Moreira

  • Becoming Shaman: The 8 Timeless Truths | Rev. Dr. Bonnie M. Russell

  • Trauma Clearing Workshop | Reginah Perlmutter

  • Microdosing Magic: Exploring the World of Subtle Psychedelic Transformation | Tanya Stiller


YOUTH Playshop: #3

Games, Playground Time & Redwoods Hiking Adventure | Dylan & Samantha



Please collect your traces of activity (trash, etm.) as a respect to the land

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