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Spring '23 Schedule

May 28, 2023

Plan Accordingly OR Ride The Wave!



Please arrive on time


ADULT Workshops: #1

  • Ancestral Wayfinding | Inabel Uytiepo

  • Angelic Reiki & Mellow Yoga | Patricia V. Wright

  • Becoming Shaman: The 8 Timeless Truths | Dr. Rev. Bonnie Russell

  • Energy Healing with the Astral Body | Mary Haro

  • Fully Human, Fully Divine | Holly Holmes Meredith + Annie Blackstone

  • Nature Divination: Communicating with Nature Through Creative Ritual | Denise Arline

  • Play with Your Problems & Spirit will Win | Cinthia Varkevisser


YOUTH Playshop: #1

Dances of Universal Peace | Sadaya Zimmerle



Bring your own lunch/snacks/water and cash for all the amazing merchants at the marketplace this season.

We'll have a share table; if you bring food to share, feel free to add to it if you like. (There's no place in Canyon to buy food or drinks).

***1:15pm please gather at the Altar for a group photo***


ADULT Workshops: #2

  • Embracing Your Destiny, Releasing Your Fate: A Modern Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel | Corey Rothermel

  • Intrinsic Movement for Creativity, Bliss & Delight! | Erika Gimbel

  • Manifesting: Align Your Spirit to Attract What You Want | Michelle Walters

  • Qigong in the Redwoods | Elise & Kaleo King

  • Therapeutic Thai Massage as Medicine | Eligio Ruiz

  • Your Healing Journey is the Pathway to Your Destiny | Sophia Fitch


YOUTH Playshop: #2

Sun & Moon Play | April McMurtry
Parents & Kids at Play | Elisabeth Stitt

3-4:30 PM

ADULT Workshops: #3

  • Alchemistic Sound Healing | Santana

  • Crones Circle: Owning our Wisdom | Annie Blackstone

  • EFT Mini-Intensive | Sadaya Zimmerle 

  • Grief Transmutation Through Plant Medicine & Hypnotherapy | Renata Moreira

  • My Little Doll: Dream Circle | Jenny Bitner

  • Shamanic-Reiki Healing Journey Experiential: Release and Heal Spirit Attachment | Tiffany & Donna Gianfala

  • The Somatics of Lunar Time: Moon Calendar Workshop | April McMurtry


YOUTH Playshop: #3

Planting A Seed Of Health | Erika Gimbel - Pastor Harold Burton - Collin Culiveri
Ancestral Communication | Inabel Uytiepo



Please collect your traces of activity (trash, etm.) to respect the land

Event Schedule: Schedule
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