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PAST 1-on-1 Sessions

20-Minute Sessions

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Richard Aguilar

Reiki Master Healing

856F2A16-1264-4AD6-B286-692EEC5187C8 - Sophia Fitch.jpeg

Sophia Fitch

Intuitive Energy Healings

Denise Headshot-7 (1) - Denise Arline.jpg

Denise Arline

Chakra Energy Reading & Chakra Alignment

001 - BonnieRussell_Castro Valley, CA - hero shot_sm - Bonnie M. Russell.jpg

Rev. Dr. Bonnie M. Russell

Shamanic Healing Energy Sessions

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Eligio Ruiz

Thai Massage

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Cinthia Varkevisser

Intuitive Sessions

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Mary Haro


Copy of Elisabeth Cuesta circle - Elisabeth Stitt.png

Elisabeth Stitt

Parenting Coach Session

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Sadaya Zimmerle


8811EB11-3F3C-4BE1-B783-0960F6C2B8E5 - Corey Rothermel.jpeg

Corey Rothermel

Spirit Animal oracle card reading & Blessing

retouched Erika-Gimbel-web_DSC9837T - Erika Gimbel.jpeg

Erika Gimbel MFT

Hakomi sessions | Thai Yoga Massage Sessions | Troubleshooting Repetitive Stress Injury Protocol

1-on-1 Sessions: Features
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