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Woo Woo

In the Redwoods

Enriching the value of COMMUNITY
Honoring the Occupied Huichin Ohlone Territory

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About The Woo Woo

The Woo Woo is a healer-centric community: seeking to gather for 1 day, near the Spring & Autumn Equinox to reunite, learn, release and rejoice with like-minded individuals.
Our community is a cultivated family of all ages, all ethnicities and nationalities, gender-orientations and spiritual paths. Throughout the day we offer workshops with a variety of teachers and wisdom keepers under the boughs of the Redwood Grove.
Acknowledging that we live in a society founded on racism and white supremacy, we seek to lift up, welcome and support ALL BIPOC individuals. Our goal in coming together is to create the community and culture that is healing and nourishing for us all, honoring all ways of being.

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